There are lots of keywords related tools out there. Therefore we have categorized those tools according to their functions.

In the previous posts, we have listed the Top 10 Free Keyword Generator Tools. In That post, I have explained what is the difference between keywords research tools and keyword generator tools.

There is another post that has explained the Top 10 Paid Keyword Research Tool For SEO. Because we believe, Paid tools are more effective than free tools. And the professional business owners will always like to have paid one.

In this post, we are gonna list Top 10 free keyword research tools. So, Let’s start with the first one from the list.


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SEMrush is a huge tool for SEO. One of the parts of SEMrush is the keywords analytics tool. SEMRUSH named it a “keyword magic tool”. SEMrush is one of the best tools for keywords research. It provides very details about the keywords according to the countries database. Let’s see some of the databases.

Database selection in SEMrush:
The best part I like about SEMRUSH is database selection. That has made SEMRUSH unique. You can target customers from your target countries. Whenever you will search for something in the SEMrush keyword magic tool, you will get the option to choose the database country. So, it’s very easy to get analytics of the keywords of the particular country.

SEMRUSH Matching Choices:

Another most Important Part of this tool is SEMrush Matching Choices. Let me tell you what the Matching choice is in SEMrush. Suppose you want to check the analysis of keywords-related questions, not keywords. then there is an option you can choose for questions to appear. or you want an exact match of the keywords. you can choose that also. It has made more use of this tool. You can target your choice of keywords fitness according to your research. Therefore, SEMrush has occupied number one as keywords analysis.

Other valuable options of SEMRUSH:

There are lots of other options available in SEMrush. very common, LIke CPC, Inclusion words, exclusion words option.

Volume option in SEMrush shows “The average number of monthly searches for a given keyword over a 12-month period”

Trending Option in SEMrush shows “The interest of searchers in a given keyword during the period of 12 months. The metric is based on changes in the number of queries per month”

Keyword Difficulty (KD) in SEMrush shows, how hard it would be for a website to rank organically in the Google top 10 for the analyzed keyword. The higher the percentage, the harder it will be to achieve high rankings.

Cost Per Click shows (CPC)The average price advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by a given keyword (Google Ads). Use the sort icon to display results in ascending or descending order.

Competitive Density in SEMrush (CD) The level of competition between advertisers bidding on a given keyword within their PPC campaigns. Competitive Density is shown on a scale from 0 to 1.00 with 1.00 being the most difficult to rank for.

SERP features are any results on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that is not a traditional organic result. Hover on an icon to learn what the SERP feature is.

Results in SEMrush show, The number of URLs displayed in organic search results for the given keyword.

The last one is the Update tab in SEMrush displays The time when a given keyword was updated.

So, all features are within a single part of the SEMrush keywords research tool called “keyword magic tool”. And it shows 10 results for free. You only need to do a free sign-up. that’s it. But if you are a person searching for a tool that can help you in every way of success with organic traffic I highly recommend you to try SEMrush paid one. The link is given below. You can try once.

Now Let’s move to the next member of our List.

Moz has lots of tools with it for SEO purposes. Moz keyword-explorer is just a part of the big too. This will give you 10 free queries per month. And for a small to medium online business owner, these 10 queries are enough. Now let’s see what info it provides whenever we search keywords.

In the basic part of the search, it shows,

Monthly volume with a bar graph.

which indicates Monthly volume ranges, the minimum and maximum expected volume for a keyword. Volume ranges have less spikiness month to month than showing a single number.

The second bar Graph shows the difficulty sore to rank:

The score starts from 0 as the minimum difficulty and ends at 100 means optimum difficulty. And this measurement is taken considering the recent search rank competitors in google.

Organic CTR in MOZ:
The third one shows the estimated Organic click-through rate(CTR).
This is the estimated percentage of clicks available to traditional, organic links on the SERP. When other SERP features(ads, verticals, etc) compete for attention, this score is lower.

Priority in MOZ:
Priority measures the sweet spot. Higher priority represents a sweet spot for higher volume and Organic CTR with lower difficulty. The score starts from 0 (low) to 100 (higher) which combines all of the other metrics including your custom My score to detect the sweet spot.

So, these are the basic spot detected by Moz keyword-explorer. Now let’s see some details about its specialty.

Keyword Suggestions in Moz: The best part of this tool is keywords suggestion. There are many SEO keywords research tools out there. But Most of them are either paid or have limitations on keywords displaying. But Moz does not have limitations. As a free account will be able to have 10 quires it is mostly fully version accessible. The Keyword suggestion part from Moz keyword-explorer will give you options to download the full keywords list in CSV file. That’s the best part. of Keyword suggestions in MOZ. You will be able to see relevancy score and monthly search on google with it.

SERP Analysis: Another best feature is SERP Analysis with MOZ. I think this is the best thing everybody would like to know about the competitors. It shows 10 Organic Results on Page One in Google search. This explores the Title of the competitors, links to the competitor’s sites.

Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking RDs to Page, and Linking RDs to Root Domain. This piece of info can give you a complete idea of what you have to do to overcome your competitors. So, I consider this feature is the best feature o the Moz SEO tool. If you subscribe you will be able to see the score of the competitors which can give you a clear idea about the score you have to do. If you are a well-established online businessman. you should try once the paid version. I believe there is a lot more than I can say within the paid version.

We all know about the most popular free tool given by google. GOOGLE KEYWORDS PLANER. I think this tool is the most reliable and fully functional tool for google ads and SEO. Because this tool uses a google database to show the result. I always prefer relevant sites database. if I want to do SEO for a google search engine I will use the google search engine database. if I want to do SEO for bing I will use the Bing keywords database to bring the best result. Now let’s see what properties it delivers when we search for keywords.

First of all this tool is developed for those who run ads in the google adword. But this tool is helpful for all.

First of all this tool has a customizable search option. which can help you to search according to the Chosen target.

Those who wish to utilize this tool for SEO, usually check for monthly search and competitor’s columns.

That gives a general idea about the targeted keywords.

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So, these are the top 3 free keywords research tool online. Although there are lots of tools our there online but online this 3 keyword research tool can give you enough idea about to SEO what you need to follow. So, this is the last article about keywords research tools or keyword generator tools.

Next, we will bring top article rewriting tool knowledge and reviews so that you can bring speed to your business using that tool rather than writing articles manually. So, stay tuned until the next article.

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