Top 10 Paid Keyword Research Tool For SEO that’s what most of the website owner search on the internet. As we know price sometimes determines the quality of the goods. Just like that, hundreds of paid SEO tools out there. But the question is, which of those are the best to use?

We did research through the internet. We took reviews of the customers. After done research, we have listed the top 10 lists of the paid keyword research tool for SEO. let’s see what are those.

I would like to enlighten you about the differences between the Keyword research tool and the keyword generator tool. Because Most of the time, People can not categorize between these two. Therefore, we have created a rule to identify a keyword research tool and keyword generator tool.

Difference Between Keyword Generator and Keyword Research Tool

A Keyword Idea generator or keyword generator is used to combine choosable keywords with demanding keywords in other words relevant searched keyword. However, If you wish to learn more about it you can check Top 10 Free Keyword Generator Tools.

If we see carefully, we see the keyword generator is the part of the keyword research tool. Are you confused? Don’t worry it will be clear in the next paragraph.

Now, what is the keyword research tool? When a tool creates random relevant keywords according to the search engine and shows the analytics of the keyword that is called keyword research tool.

In conclusion, keyword generator tools give only random keywords no analytics. Keyword research tools give random keyword and analytics of the keyword. Therefore, we suggest using both of them to get the perfect keyword for your website.

This differentiating rule has applied to create this top ten paid keyword research tools.

Enough enlightening, Let’s check out the lists of top ten paid keyword research tools.


Top 10 Paid Keyword Research Tool

This is the first tool we will talk about. This SEO tool will show you the analytics of the keyword and generate a random relevant keyword.

Why should we give a try on this SEO Tool? We will talk about the most beneficial parts of this SEO tool. That will clarify the reason.

Check Keyword Potentiality Easily

We use the keyword research tool to find potential keywords for our blog post. Therefore, we need to check the monthly search. In order to collect monthly search for a particular keyword, we have to visit multiple websites, in other words, multiple tools. That cost us lots of time.

Therefore ahrefs serves us a single platform where we can check our chosen keywords potentiality in all search engines at a time. In conclusion, you will get potential keywords ideas for 10 different search engines in one place.

Keyword Ideas With Accurate Search Volume

We can use many other tools to get keyword ideas. However, if we do thinking about the accuracy of monthly search in the search engine, then there are no alternatives to use a reputable company’s tool. In that case, I do suggest trying ahrefs.

Use filter to find targeted keyword

the filter is the best part of this tool, in other words, the most relevant keyword research tool to find the targeted keyword. You can do filtering according to the monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, in addition to the presence of SERP features. All the above, you can use advanced metrics features for deeper insights.

The SERP feature of the ahrefs will show the true traffic potential for your keyword in addition to that you will be able to understand the top-ranking keyword potentiality.

These are the very few, qualities of the ahrefs that can boost your blog post. In conclusion, we can say, if you really wish to boost your site SEO I recommend you test this tool.


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