Free keyword generator tools, most of us search for the keyword research work. Hundreds of keyword research tools out there. Thousands of keyword generator out there. But How many of them are Free keyword generator tools maybe 15 or 20? How many of the Free keyword generator tools supplies great keyword? very few of them right? That’s why we have listed here Top 10 free keyword idea generator which can boost Search Engine Optimization of your site.

Before we move to the list, I would like to let you know a short intro and differences between Keyword Idea Generator Tool and Keyword Research Tools. Because many people think there are the same.

Actually, Keyword Idea Generator Tools are those tools that give a random result of relevant searched keywords combining with your chosen keyword. See the example below.

Suppose your keyword is “Learn SEO”. If you place this keyword in the Keyword Idea generator tool, you will see some random meaningful relevant long-tail Keywords such as How to learn SEO, Easy to learn SEO, etc. This is just generating ideas of keyword which you can use on your site. So, We can say keyword Idea Generator Tools are part of the Keyword research tool.

let’s see how!

Now let’s talk about Keyword Research Tools. keyword research tools are those tools that serve the job of the keyword Idea generator as well as show the statistics of the keyword according to the search engine. An easy example is the Google Keyword Planner.

You can analyze the statistics of monthly searched for the keyword, the competitiveness of the keyword and random keywords combining with your chosen keywords. That’s why this is called a keyword research tool.

Enough Knowledging, Let’s start listing best Keyword Idea generator:

Free Keyword Generator Tools 1 is one of the long tail keyword question creators. If you search on the search bar with your chosen keyword you will see some relevant questions idea created by This is one of the best keyword Idea generators. As its completely free every website owner should try. Especially blog writers.


We believe people usually search for things combining 2 words. Such as “shop for white cheap iPhone 5s” or “purchase cheap iPhone 5c” like this. We see people use an adjective in their chosen words to search for something online. So, if you are an e-commerce businessman, this keyword generator can help you to generate relevant keywords for your e-com website.

You just have to implement your keyword in the given box. Just follow the image below.

Free Keyword Generator Tools 2


The third keyword generator is Soovle. If you ask me why have I listed this webtool within the top 10 list of keyword generators? I would say this is one of the best tools according to me.

Because It synchronizes with the search engine before showing the keywords. If you see the screenshot carefully you will see that. The keywords it showing are listed below the search engine it synchronizes.

By the way, our target is to write an article such as a way with the relevant keyword so that the search engine likes it. So, if you get something from search engine suggestions I think that’s better to use in the articles.

Free Keyword Generator Tools 3


One more search engine based keyword generator tool I would like to talk about is keywordseverywhere. Because this also creates the keyword list like soovle. But this keyword generation does not talk to you to new views. You just have to add a plugin of this software and use the google search bar to search anything you like and it will show you keyword list on the right side of the browser.

Best Free Keyword Generator Tools

I added this webtool in the list because it shows a very relevant keywords list with two categories. One is “Related Keywords” Catagory another one is “people Also search for”.

Both of those categories are equally important. Because if you wish to find best keyword for your article find the common keyword between them. So, both categories will help you to find a perfect keyword.


One more tool I really recommend you to try is answerthepublic. You will get hundreds of relevant keywords. I think this is the most relevant keyword generator

I use this webtool personally this is really awesome to generate keywords. That’s why I am suggesting you test at least once. If you wish to do perfect keyword research, I would like to suggest you use all the keyword idea generator tools listed here. This will help you to find the perfect keyword for your article.

Free Keyword Generator Tools 4

If you use this tool you will get multiple circles shown above. So, keyword choice is will be large that will help you to choose the perfect one.


Since this tool has the option to do a search according to the search engine selection, I listed this tool in the top 10 list and like this tool supplies keywords combining its own sets of keywords sometimes it provides perfect keyword for the article.

top free SEO keyword generator


Do you have an e-com business? like dropshipping business or something like you sell products in an online marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, eBay? if your answer is yes.

I definitely recommend you use this tool for your article. if you especially target the USA or UK. Because it has a country base search system. It has a marketplace based search system. and shows the top keyword as well as its ranking in google.

I think this is one of the best keyword generators, I would like to say a keyword research tool for the e-com business owner.

free seo tools


Since we are talking about a particular business owner, I would like to let you know one more website which is completely free keyword generator. This site is in the top 10 keyword generator list for its uniqueness.

This site gives opportunities to select the business you do. If you select business it will automatically show suggestions of the keywords which are best for the business you have.

This site also has an option to generate keyword according to the location and services. so, I have listed it in the top 10 free keyword generator tools list.


Sometimes we deeply emerged into too much keyword confusion when too many options are available. To solve this problem this is the best tool to generate keywords.

This tool will not overload your brain with many options and very simple to use.

It will generate only those keywords which are people usually search on the internet combining your keyword. So, I think this is good to be tested.

One more Free keyword generator tool to talk about is Because this will give you a chance to generate keywords according to the targetted search engine. most importantly, this gives the option to search google app store whereas others do not. That’s why this is in the list of top 10 free keyword generator tools.

Keyword finder

So, these are the keyword generator tools which are considered to be in the top 10 list of keyword generator. I hope this helps you to find the best keywords for your articles. Let us know your views about it in the comment section.

Thank you.

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